Thursday, November 24, 2011

Athletics Day

Athletics, Athletics was very excited for me to start.
Talking, Talking to my friends, I felt excited
High Jump,High Jump is so hard that I could not jump over it.
Looking, Looking at the nine year old lane, I knew I will get tired.
Eat, Eat time!, I was very hungry that I can not stop starving.
Triple Jump, Triple Jump was very a fun rotation.
I was so happy to see that we were winning
Competition, “Competition time” we all shouted excitedly.
Smoothly, Smoothly I threw the ball, my shoulder hurt ed badly.

Athletics started with the sun,
I knew we are going to have fun.
We get to have a sport day,
and people gets to play.
We have to watch somebody run.

Friday, November 18, 2011

50 Words To One Tree Hill

“Do we really have to walk all the way up their”. Tired and hot. “Have you been here up in the top”? Running down the hill. Fun. My bottom is hurting!!. Lifting up the rocks was so heavy.We had to climb up again. “That was a waste of time”!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

King Kong, Creepy Slug

Stupid King Kong knowingly embarrass Peter Jackson by doing a fart during the movie.King Kong the stupid gorilla knowingly embarrass crazy Iisa.Embarrass King Kong stupid knowingly hurt my pet.

The creepy ugly slug unfortauntly attempt to walk down the roof.A ugly creepy slug attempt to die. Unfortanetly the creepy slug attempt in my bathroom.Creepy slugs unfortanetley attempt to their home.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

“Have you ever made icy cold comets”
Room 13 made comets made out of icy cold ice cream with a cone. We made our comets out in our classroom bay.

Our materials were colourful sprinkles, ice cream cone, ice cream and crumble biscuits.
Staring at the material looks just like I want to eat it. “Outta Space”Ms King shouted, I knew it, it was our team.

Watching Ms King scooping the ice cream onto my hand, I felt to nervous. “It’s too cold” I nervously said. Walking to Whaea Janeille to get our cones, I first had to first walk and get some sprinkle. It looked delicious.

Chocolate ice slurped down through my fingers, “I need tissues for my hand!” I shouted. Licking the ice cream was so delicious and cold.Yum.

Looking at the sticky mess at the floor I just wanted to clean it up. Ice cream was melting and dripping down my fingers, I sucked it all in my mouth. “I want to be the last one finished” I said.

Sticking out my tongue, I gobbled all the biscuits up. Chewing it softly, Ms King said “Whoever is finished has to go and pick up ten pieces of rubbish.” I just continued to eat it slowly.

“Yay, I’m the last one” I whispered. “Hurry up” Ms King said, but I still ate a bit slow. “Finished” I shouted. I had to run inside.

Running inside I saw my class talking about what we made. I was thirsty. I went and had a drink. I really like ice cream comets.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alien Snot

“Have you ever seen alien snot, I can tell you some information.” “Yuck”, alien snot, Room 13 made fake alien gooey snots. We were making green smelly snots.

Our materials were 1 cup of cornflour,a little bit of water and green food colouring. We also need a bowl,spoon. Only three ingredients, easy.

We made our one with groups of four or five.Step 1, we made 1 cup of cornflour then stir.Step 2, a little bit of water into the bowl.Last step,is the green coloured food. Mix them all together and then it’s gooey.

Putting everything back was just fun. Washing my hand I could not get all the snot on my hand.Now I had to clean up with the other boys till it’s clean.While we were cleaning up the rest had to do some works.

Immersion Assembly

Hooray! It is finally Immersion Assembly a new topic.It is my favourite school assembly.

I was sitting in our school hall on the floor listening to Mr Burt talk. Mr Burt introducing the topic, I was excited to hear it. The topic was Outta This World.

Teachers dressing into ballerina I thought they had a movie for us to wacth. Team One’s dress was so cool.My best dress was Team Four.

My best item was team five. Team Five’s item was a star wars movie. Their was sort of like the real one but with their own faces.

I think this might a little bit like last year.Last years one was Mighty Manners.Mighty Manners is about the planet we are living at so far.

I’m so exited to write and learn more things about planets just like an astronauts teacher.I just want to stay in this topic because it is great.My best term.

I hope to learn who was the first one to stand on it.
The thing I really want to learn about Jupiter.My last planet the sun.