Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Flying in the plane was so boring. We didn't even had anything to do.Only look outside at the white clouds. i took 3 hours and 55 minutes. I thought it was going to be short because it is the nearest country. As we reached, I knew something. It was my first time in Australia. I was my lucky day and a sad day. No friends.

Friday, November 23, 2012


WOW!!! I can’t believe that the Minister of Education came to our school yesterday. Thank you our parents for paying money every single week, I really like having a Net Book. Mum and Dad is so kind to us because they love me.

Manaiakalani is a really famous thing that helps kids which has NetBooks. It also helps with the wireless so that we can share our work with the world. I really enjoy working with Netbooks but I just wish I could learn to look after it properly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Futruristic Toy

As you know that we are learnig about Toy Story. Our animation is about a toy that I made up that it might be invented in the futrue. My animation is about a car that you can fly around without gas. It is called The Flyer Nyer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Film Festival Review

Tamaki College is the best school. They are all good at acting and even good with the cameras. One direction is good at singing so I think that is why they did that song. My favourite was Uili and Antonio.

I really loved their dancing because they were giving it their best shot. The big Tamaki Boys were really funny because how they act and lip sync. Paul was the person I liked out of Tamaki. He didn't just dance, he walked and dance.

After that 3 years later, I thought that there won’t be any one because they were already old. Nek Minute it was really funny. Five men dancing were really funny. I noticed something at the end. Every single person looks just the same but older.

The scores I’m going to give them is 10 stars out of 10. It was really exciting. One Direction is the BEST!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brush your Teeth.

50 word story of The Test

                                                 Here is their movie

Watching Room 18’s movie was really funny. It was all about their maths test. It started really quiet. But then..... They started chucking papers around. They were distracting other people, and even calling each other on mobile phones. Their teacher was busy on his laptop. “Test Finish”, the teacher said.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today My Life Begins

My friends and I made this movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our whole class had the chance to make a movie. We had to plan, prepare, film and edit all by ourselves. Our class had our own film festival to select the best two, to be shown at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Here is my group's entry!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scary Doll

Without a care in the world, a small girl skipped  through the narrow cobblestone alleyway. Alma had been told to write her name on the town blackboard. When you are 9 years old you have to write your name on this blackboard. It was a traditional thing in this village. Alma wrote on the blackboard. A..L..M..A.. Hearing an old machine working behind her, she turned around in surprise. She saw a doll that looked exactly like her.

Staring at the doll, Alma wiped the frost that had gathered on the shop window to get a better view of the doll. The doll disappeared silently. She crept over to the door. Alma thrust her hand out and pulled down the handle. It was locked. Angrily she walked away and grabbed a snowball and threw it to the door.

Walking away from the shop, suddenly the door flew open. Alma turned around with excitement, and ran to the door. Taking a step in to the shop, Alma looked around. Everything looked so threadbare. Looking around, Alma saw the doll on a table. Peering at the identical looking doll, she stumbled towards it, one step at a time.

Suddenly, she heard something. Alma looked down, and saw a little toy on the floor. It was a boy pedaling a tricycle. Alma put the bike upright, and it cycled circles around her, then over to the door. BANG! It closed just in front of him. The boy kept on cycling forwards, slamming into the door over and over again. He looked as if ….....

Alma looked around, and wondered where the doll had gone. It had disappeared again. She then saw it again, on the shelf next to other dolls. Climbing the sofa underneath her, Alma was ignorant of everything but the doll that looked like her. As she was reaching up for the doll, all the other dolls moved their eyes and followed her. But Alma didn’t notice anything.

When Alma’s hand touched the doll, there was a ZAP!! Her whole life flashed before her eyes. Alma looked around. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t smile. She couldn’t do ANYthing but look around and breathe, which became heavy. Then everything made sense. The boy on the bike (which was still slamming into the door over and over again) WAS trying to escape, and all the other dolls were trying to warn her, but they could only look around.

In horror, Alma saw the next doll wheel up.....

First Day of Swimmimg

With a lovely morning, Room 13 waited out the pool, I imagined how cold it would be.With a great loud voice, Ms King shouted, “Hop inside the pool one at a time”.

Marching into the pool, everyone started shivering. We all started with a great morning. Kicking through the water, I heard, “Stop, Look, and Listen”. I started to be silence. Only the wind was making noise.

We started with kicking. It was fun. Next we kicked with the boards. Kicking up and down, we stopped. Staring at Ms King, she grabbed the noodles.

I did not know what to do with it. The only thing I knew was floating. Ms King threw it two each group of three. We started to paddle and paddle and paddle. We were use to it.

Finishing the morning was the best. Two minutes of free time. Boys wanted to play against girls. There was only 4 boys so that wasn’t fair. Anyway we won the challenge of splashing the water the highest.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Narrative of the Beach

Hi my name is Joshua, I have a little sister, my mum and my dad. My dad is a nurse. Today we have a bbq at Point England Beach. It is a sunny day so we are all going with our stuff and togs.

We got there so early. I ran and changed. While changing inside the toilet, I heard a big sound of music. The song was not that bad.

Splashing into the water, I heard a voice that sounds like my mum. “Get back here Joshua”, She shouted, while changing my baby’s nappy. “Can you wait Mum? I’ll come when I am bored”.

Running to the rock, something bad happened.I try to stop but  I slipped onto a real hard rock, it felt like gold. I cried and cried and cried. I didn't even stop.“MUMMY MUM!!!”, I cried with my big lump on my head.Mum was right. I should have some rest.

I saw Mum's feet walking towards me. “What happened?”, she said with a really smooth voice. “I don’t know, I just ran then I slipped”, I said nervously. I thought she was going to give me a hiding. But she didn't.

Mum grabbed me and took me to our car. “Let’s go home”, she said while dumping me into the back. I was still wet but she did not care. We left. Just because my dad works at the Auckland hospital, my head was not well. I told him what had happened.

I had to go to the hospital. The next day it was alright for me to go back home to my family. Yay.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Trick or Treating Narrative

After a good night of trick or treating, we went home. Counting my lollies, my annoying brother snatched the bucket. But luckily I held on the bucket so tight. “Give it back”, I aggressively said. He replied with a bunch of lollies in his mouth, “It’s not yours”. While arguing, we heard mum coming. We didn’t care. “GIVE IT BACK”, I said while snatching the bucket to my side. “GO TO BED”!!! shouted our mum. “ And give those lollies to your older brother”, continued mum.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Smoking Not Our Future

\      People are all about being cool. They smoke because of that reason and because they are influenced by their friends. But they do it without looking into the future. Smoking causes health problems, it can affect how you look and can waste your money.

Smoking is not a good idea because it could cause many health problems. It is known that there are 4000 chemicals that are put into every cigarette. Smoking gives you a higher chance of dying, in fact 4500 people die in NZ every year. For pregnant women smoking is also very bad for the unborn baby.

Cigarette is a also very expensive habit. In shops the price of cigarettes are $15 for one packet. It could cost you $105 a week if you smoke a pack a day. This could also cost thousands of dollars a year. If you are wondering why the government lets people sell them, it’s because he gets a lot of money for each box of cigarettes that is sold. This is because the government has to spend lots of money on the health problems from smoking.

Smoking can also affect the outside of your body. It makes you look old. I watched a video, where there was a man interviewing a lady who looked as old as my grampa. But she wasn't. She looked like she was in her 40’s while my grandpa was in his 80’s. Which is half the age she looked like.

I really think that teenagers shouldn’t start smoking. Even if people in your family smokes I’d advise you to don't start. It is a really strong thing. Once you start you can get addicted to it. So the best idea is to keep away.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Toy Story Wordle

Room 13 has had a fun assembly. Our title is Toy Story. Just like the movie. Well, this morning our class has come up with a bunch of ideas of what you think a toy is.  I think it is something you play with. When we have done writing we copy and paste it on Wordle. My favorite toy is LEGO. Here is a link for you to have a try with WORDLE.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ninja Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a mouse named Frank. Frank was a real mini ninja. His mission was to recover the lost cheese of LeRat. He was working for his poor dad Paula. They had no money or food, so Frank decided to be a HERO.

The next day, he looked up on the internet as to where to find LeRat. LeRat was the place where the cheese was. It said that it was near Bishop’s shed. Bishop was a little bad superhero. “Ohhhh”, said Frank. Frank the ninga already met with Bishop. But Bishop ran away.

The next morning, Frank heard Bishop’s voice. HAHAHAHA. He looked outside. Bishop was ran holding Frank’s girlfriend. Running down the stairs, Frank rushed outside. The enemy Bishop hopped in his Ferrari and went off. Frank sat in his Bugatti and boosted of to the red Ferrari.

They both arrived in Bishop’s shed. Frank never knew where he was. He started sneaking through the living room. BOOM. Something went down. It was a cage. It snapped a little bit of his hair. “Hahahaha, who do I have here”, a deep voice said. I sounds like Bishop. “Whos here” Frank said. There was no reply.

Frank forgot he had a mini gun. He took it out of his bag and shot the cave. There was a hole at the cave. Finally he was out. He started to sniff through the way. He ended up in the toilet. There was the cheese.

He arrived in. He stopped outside the door. Frank grabbed a hammer from his pocket and threw it on the toilet. Nothing happened. He took one step inside. His arm came out of his pocket, and grabbed the cheese and runned away.

He was nearly home. He noticed he forgot his bugatti. When Frank arrived home his family hugged him with their love. That night they told stories and live happy till they were old. Real Old.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Playing Basketball

Walking down to the caught, I was really excited to play basketball. Do you like basketball? I do. Bouncing the up and down, I realized that I wasn't going fast enough.

"When are we going to do our shooting in the hoop", I asked our coach. Our coaches name was Tai and another person. I didn't know his name. So I called him Mat.

Finally we were up to our shooting. Running and bouncing the ball, it was time to shoot. Yay. I got it in. At the end of our warm up, we had a FUN game. I was number one. We had to run and get the ball, and start to bounce and shoot. I had to in. BUT... Sadly we lost. Poor our team. It was still fun.

Running back to our classroom, it was time for our lunch. I wonder what sport we are doing next term?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Funny Movie

This is a funny video. If you watch it 100 times, you can still laugh. Just enjoy.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes

Have you ever tasted or made Thai Fish Cakes. Point England did well, but sadly we never came first place. It was so easy because we never had to chop anything, but the other groups had to chop chop all day. Myfavorite part of the process is me Iisa cooking the Thai on the pan. It looked really nice. At home I want to cook it, But we don't have the right ingredients. Even I might already forget the ingredients.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My 50 Word Story

Flags up in the air, Richard smiled proudly. Winning the 100m sprint, is easy for Usain but not him. Celebrating for his country, he waved the flag up in the air. Even though he his happy outside, Richard is even happier in the inside. GOOD WORK RICHARD!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yohan Blake

Yohan Blake was born on 26 December 1989. He is a Jamaican runner who competes in the 200 meters and 100 meters. He has 14 medals. Just a bit smaller than Usain Bolt's. Blake's best score for 100 meters is 9.69. His best on 200 meters is 19.26 seconds. His 200 meter is the second worlds record. Usain is just beating him.

Shalom Leaving

RING!!! Went the bell. Walking outside the door, I remembered that Shalom was leaving. I was about to leave without saying GOOD BYE. So I decided to go back and say bye. He was leaving to Australia. At Sydney.

As I went back, I saw him walking. I ran and said "Bye". I was about to cry. I try not to. It will be embarrassed. So I started to walk with him to my sister and his brother.

Walking to our older sister and brother, he said if I want some hot dogs. I said that he should go with it to the plane. He said Nah. So he gave some to me. And Brandon.

Nervously walking out the gate. I felt real sad. "BYE SHALOM", I shouted. He turned around and wave. Walking and thinking, I thought that it will be a disaster. WE MISS YOU SHALOM!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Meeting in the hall, I saw a man. Who’s him. I don't know him. Finally it was the mans time to do whatever he want’s to do. “Kiora”, My name is Tommy Kapai Wilson”, He said bravely.

On the projector was a photo of him. Wow. I think he’s FAMOUS. Wait a minute. There is a book we have been talking about. It is called Kapai The Kiwi. Maybe he is the author for that book.Am I dreaming. This is AMAZING. I can’t believe that a famous author has come to our school.

“Putta Boom Boom”, he said. we started laughing. Hahahahahaha. He taught us 5 lessons. The first thing he said to make 10 people smile everyday. I turned around to my mate. Smile. He smiled. “Yay, I did one person smile. He said if someone does something bad, try to forgive them.

What is going to be the next lesson. “Wars and violence is dumb”. I thought he was right. Wars are dumb. Everybody is born with a gift. Thinking in my head, I was thinking what was the gift. And finally he said. SMILE.

Rich people has everything, but in life they have nothing. I thought about that. At the end of his talk, he read one of his favourite books he made. It was about a true story. There was a lady who met princess diana before she died.

Tommy went and interview her. When Tommy finished. He thought he would write a story about her. So he did. He started to write and think. He read the whole book to us. He even Gave some of his books to us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Enormous Crocodile

Once upon a time there were two crocodile. One Enormous crocodile and one not so big. “Mmmm!!! I’m hungry”, said the enormous crocodile. I really like stuff with legs, arms, toe nails and feet. HUMAN BEINGS.

He started to leave. “WAIT”, said the not enormous crocodile said. “Why?”

“Because their bitter, their tough and they have babysitters, their fast you’ll come last and---”

“What’s with the song?”

“I don’t know>”



“You’re not cool. I’m leaving”


“Shut up.”

Swimming through the river, the enormous crocodile sneaked up to a big fat hippopotamus. He crept up to him. UKKK. GOBBLE GObblE GobblE. The enormous croc bit hippo’s leg. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, the big Hippo screamed in agony.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wow!!! The Paralympics is so amazing!! My favorite Paralympics is the blind folded football. Isn't they amazing. My favorite player is Li Xiaoqiang.
My second is Dong Junjie.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ms King

Ms King is my favourite teacher. She is never so mean like other teachers. She is the only best teacher I have had. So next year, I will want to be in Ms King's class. My favourite teacher. I like her so much. Every time we do something really nice to her, she does something nice to us. I really love her so much.

I Am Making Movies 3

"What the heck". What is Making Movies 3 means. Oh, I know. We have to make movies. Not any movies. It can be scary, funny, and sorts of stuff. Our group, group 2, are making are scary one. It has Loch Ness Monster. There wasn't a real monster. We had to draw it. Underneath is our scripts and our ideas. I am Drake. Hope you like it. :)

(Kiara and Abby drag Natalya to the beach)
Abby: Come ON!! Being at the beach is way better than practising your violin.

Kiara: YEA! Wait I know... you can practise here while we play and explore!

Natalya: Fine. But if I get in trouble from my parents, IT’S ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

Abby: Fine...... Come on Kiara. Let’s go play.

Kiara: YAY!! PLAY TIME!!

(Kiara and Abby walks off into the distance)

Natalya: (Shouting) Ok!! Just leave me here.... TO PRACTICE. ALONE! BY MYSELF.

Abby and Kiara: (Shouting back while running) Ok!

Kiara: Hehe! She looks like she’s having fun!

Abby: Hey look!

Kiara: A cave!
(Kiara and Abby go into the cave, Natalya sees them go in)

Natalya: Really? Where are they going now? IT’S LIKE I’M INVISIBLE!

(Natalya walking to the cave)

Abby: Natalya's coming! Let’s hide.
(Abby and Kiara step back from the entrance when they bump into Drake)

Drake: AHHH!! Get off me! Get off me! You’ll never eat me!!
(Drake jumps up, the girls scream)

Kiara: Wait. I don’t eat people.

Abby: Oh naah! I don’t know what’s wrong with that chick.


Natalya: What’s coming? (As she enters the cave)

Abby: Hey!!! came.

Kiara: Natalya, are you practicing in here?

Natalya: Nevermind about that, who’s this?

Abby: Some crazy dude.

Drake: I’m not crazy!! came for me! I’ve been hiding here from it!

Kiara: What have you been hiding from?

Drake: The lochness monster!

Abby: Told you he was crazy.

(Abby and Natalya groan)

Abby: There is none you-

Natalya: This is just rubbish. Let’s go now.
(Starts walking out and Natalya sits down and practises her violin and sees a tail pop out of the water then she stops all of a sudden and runs back into the cave.)

Abby: I thought we were going??

Kiara: Yea!


Natalya: Um... maybe we should stay here and...(um) look after this crazy man.

Kiara: But I thought you said.........
(In the background Drake or the crazy man is yelling don’t eat me!)

Natalya: Nope, I changed my mind. Let’s stay here for a bit.

Abby: If you say so?! Well, what should we do?
(The girls are all thinking)

Kiara: Maybe the crazy man can tell us a story! I mean he is old and he looks like he has a story to tell?

Abby: Nice thinking! (High fives each other)

Natalya: Well? Do you have a story?

Drake: Ever since the lochness monster I can’t remember anything except for the lochness monster story!

Natalya: Then tell us that story!

Drake: It was a long time ago. There were 3 girls on the beach like you guys.

Kiara: Oooo.... interesting....

Drake: Back to the story... These girls were very curious and and they loved exploring. One of these girls also played the violin like you (pointing to Natalya). One day the girls came down to the beach and one girl had the violin with her.

Natalya: This sounds alot like us!

Drake: But it’s not you... Anyway, the girls were dancing around and the girl with the violin started to play. Soon a huge monster came out of the water and......

Natalya, Kiara and Abby: AND...

Drake: Nothing..... that’s pretty much all I remember.

Natalya:That story was very interesting. And those girls sounded very much like us. But I don’t get how the monster came out of the water, what was summoning him?

Kiara: Maybe the girl playing the violin summoned the monster?

Natalya: That’s right! When I went outside, I started to play my violin and a saw a tail pop out of the water.

Abby: So that’s why you came back in so worried.

Natalya: Violin playing attracts the lochness monster!

Kiara: Cool!

Abby: Well, what should we do now?

Kiara: Maybe Natalya can get the monster in here and-

Drake: I’ll attack it by surprise.... Just a thought, don’t have to listen to me.

Abby: That’s a good idea! Are you up for it Natalya?

Natalya: Um.... (thinking)..... Sure, lets give it a go!
(Natalya goes outside and starts playing the violin and then the lochness appears, animation)

Scene 4

Natalya: (Stops playing and looking up at the monster) Oh my gosh! It worked! Hey guys, come look! (Walking into the cave to get Kiara and them) Hey Drake, you need to come see this!

Drake: No! I can’t. I don’t want to still remember all the stuff that he did to me in the past. GET THAT THING AWAY!!!

Natalya: Ok, but aren’t you going to kill it?

Josh: (Walks into the cave) I’ll kill it!

Natalya: Um... Who are you?

Josh: I’m a distant relative. Believe me, I CAN KILL THIS THING. Come on Drake. (Says dramatically) Let’s kill this thing. NOW!

Drake: NOW!

Josh: NOW!

Drake: NOW!

Josh: NOW!

Abby: Today would be fine ladies.

Kiara: Oh that’s enough! Let’s die this thing!

Natalya: And for a minute I thought you were smart Ara. Let’s slay this mother!

( Abby, Kiara and Natalya run up to the monster and look up at nothing because it’s green screen. When they kill it, it’s all going to be in animation)

Josh: Wow ladies. That was pretty impressive. Wanna go....

Kiara, Abby and Natalya: (Walking out of cave) NO!


Re-crafting Aldora's Writing

Today we practiced re-crafting a piece of writing. The first paragraphs belongs to Aldora, and the second is mine.

“On your marks, get set, “Bang” shouted Mr Burt. Off we went trying hard not to bang into each other. I was already muddy. Luckily I didn’t slip like some other girls did at the start line.

Standing at the start line, I waited nervously for Mr Burt to sound his clapper. “On your marks, get set, BANG!!!, shouted Mr Burt. As I set off towards the bushes, I tried not to crash into the other competitors. Passing my friends, I tried not to slip.