Friday, March 30, 2012


This photo is an word search. My partner
made this word search and email it to me.
I email one to him as well, he does it. You guys have a try making one.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Haiku About Ms Tele'a

This Haiku is about Mrs Tele'a. The pattern or the number of syllables in this haiku is 5 then 7 then five. Read closely, and then you will find out. Now. Look at this picture, then you will see the picture in your own mind.

R.O.W. That means Rock Our World. Rock Our World is an globe around the world about schools. It is a focus on poetry. Carol Anne Mf Guiro. She is the person who started Rock Our World. That is so cool. I hope that was me.

Mrs Tele’a: Andrea rocks
she is brainy and nice
she is samoa

Andrea Tele’a: Colorful clothes
big bushy black eyebrows
large white shoes

This Haiku is about Chocolate. Yum yum.

Chocolate: Chocolate is yum
yum yum creamy chocolate
milky chocolate

Haiku About Ms Tele'a

Haiku is an Japanese Poem with seventeen syllables, the pattern goes like five, seven, and five.This Haiku is abut Ms Tele'a. The number of syllables in this haiku is 5 then 7 then five. Rock Our World. Rock Our World is our Prioritise shows the whole world about our work.

Ms Tele’a: Andrea rocks
she is brainy and nice
she makes samoa

Andrea Tele’a: Colorful clothes
big bushy black eyebrows
large white shoes

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interview with Year Six

Interview with the MIT people Sosaia from SchoolTV on Vimeo. "WOW!!!, look at all the training teachers". Walking along the hall I stared outside to the Breeze. "Look at all these visitors" I said to my friends. Year sixes talking and explaining to the visitors about our school, I heard the bell ring. OFF I GO.

"What they have chocolate, Yum".

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mobius Strip

Staring at this little magic film on Mobius Strip, our teacher asked if we should try making it all together. “I can not make that”!!!!!!, I shouted. “Try, my friend” replied Miss King. As we all started thinking, the time had suddenly passed. Getting ready to make it, we first grabbed an paper to start with. This experiment is going to be complicated.

Carefully as I reached for the paper, I twisted one half. TTTTSSS, I grabbed the tape off the table. Walking to the mat, I nervously tapped the ends together. As I held a crayon in one hand I started to draw lines on one side of the paper, as I suddenly finished, I found the drawing on both sides. Magic is what we needed.

At the end we started cutting through the paper. I nearly reached the end. “WWWOOOWWW, look we have made it” I happily told my friends. Taking photos, we all smiled and sat back down. It was not that tricky after all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camp Sentence

Swimmiming at the Lagon Pool, I jumed in the freezing cold water. v

Furiosly in our kayak, we padlled as we tryed to stay out of danger. v

Over the field we dashed so quikly as we played Top Team. v

Cooking our own damper on a bamboo pole, we all sat and stared at the flamy fire. v

Jumping in the frezzing cold water, we went swimmimg at the Lagon Pools. v

Palleding in our kayaks I furiosly tryed to stay out of danger. v

Quikly dashing all over the field, we were playing Top Team. v

By the fire, we all sat cooking our own damper. v

Monday, March 19, 2012


Camp is on!!! Isn't it going to be fun. Have you ever had an lovely camp at school. I have. Waiting with excitement I heard that I am in the team called All Stars. The best team ever, and with the best leaders.

"Yay we are going table tennis and roller bl-adding. Playing on the table tennis, I nervously hit the ball. Bang, it went into my partner stomach. “Ms Vaafusuanga” I shouted. “Can I Rollerblade”, “yes” she replied. SSSSHHHOOOOKKK, I clicked the roller blade in to my feet. Skating around in the Breeze, I suddenly raced out side. It was all fun.

Have you ever been in Swimmarama pool. Its so fun. Riding on the bus we had finally arrived. YYAAYY. As we reached we all sat down and have a talk. I was the last minute for the talk. Ding. Times up.“Go and have some fun” our boss Ms Garden shouted. Running into the pool we jumped. WHOOSH, the water came out. Splash, the pool makes me freeze. “Lets play tigy”, “yes”, my friends answered. Swimming to the deep side I never knew is is so deep like that. “All the All Stars come to get ready for the Hydroslide. “YYAAYY”, we all ran and line up. Walking up the steps, I found another school having fun. Sliding down to the bottom, I screamed so loudly because it was very dark. Out I get.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Times Tables

This little prespetaition shows how to learn about the eight time table.

The Wiggly Spider

"EEEEWWWW, yuck", I whispered to Shalom. Watching this little short film on the website called kid should see this was so disgusting. Wigglling all around the plate, the magnet started to stop. Luckily they tip in an little bit water so it can move again. Yuck.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson

Walking towards the bus I sat down with my friend Iisa. Br mm brmm the bus went along, "Yay", we had finally arrived. Pt England senior school lined up in front of the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre

Taking a step out from the bus, we all walked in line. Finally we arrived into the building. Lights, chairs, hard floor, warm seats, we were all fine. As we walked in I gazed at their flash looking pictures on the big humongous walls. It was like at Eden Park. Waiting for our seats I stared at the picture of Jonah Lomu. " Go Jonah Lomu".

Talking and chatting so loudly we never stopped until we heard the Duffy Song. “Kiaora” introduces Henry. We all sat on our seats. Listening to one of his stories, we all giggled. As he finished his story he welcomed the man that had separated the twins “Ben Carson!!!!!!”

“YAY” we all yelled as Henry walked down and Carson comes up. As you know Ben Carson is an doctor that first separated neuro con-joined twins. When he was in year 5, his class mates teased him and said that he is the dumbest. You know as he grew up he decided to turn his life around. He became brainy by reading books and writing about what he had leanrt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slimy Food

Making gooey slimy food is so yuck. Squeezing the toothpaste together with the custard and the starch suspension, blood and shampoo. As all the men's left the food on the plate, it started to splat around. As it rumbled through the plate it started to do farts and gas.

Click this link to go and watch the movie, KISST