Friday, June 29, 2012

What Our Classroom Looks Like

Is your classroom messy? Our one is. I hate it when it is a real disaster. It drives me NUT!!!.

Well, do you know why it is messy? It is messy because all room 13 people ripped off the beautiful stuff that was on the walls, revealing ugly STUFF.

What colour is it you are asking? The colour for our class is dark brown. Dark brown. Yes. It is dark brown. Before we started ripping stuff off the wall it was nice. Nek minute. Ugly.

If this classroom stays like this, I will think that no one would like to see our class ever again. Especially visitors. They will feel sad when they step into the door.

Well it will be better during the holidays. The reason why it is going to be better is that some builders are coming to stick stuff onto the walls that really looks pretty. After  the holidays are past our classroom will just look fine and gorgeous again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

About Term 2

What did I enjoy?

I enjoy doing some artwork and painting papers.

Things I didn’t enjoy?

The things I did not enjoy was how we had to blend paint so well.

What did I learn?

The things that I learn is about Wassily Kandinsky because I never knew about him but I knew that he was born in Moscow (Russia)

How do I feel about my term overall?

I felt really happy because it was my best term EVER!!!!!

What did I find most interesting?

I felt interesting because we had learnt about artist people.

What could I have done better to help my learning?

The thing I should do in the future is going around the world sharing my art ideas.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Movie

brandon and shalom and sosaia from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Art From Meleane To'a

Walking around the art gallery, I found a beautiful abstract painting. I wondered who created it. Finally I knew, it was created by Meleane To’a. It was really cool and detailed.  I started to look around to see who did she copy.

It never said who did she copy. But our teacher told us. Who did Meleane copied? If you are thinking that it was Kandinsky, you a wrong. If you think it is Jackson Pollock. You are right. Jackson Pollock had just grabbed his paint and splashed it over the paper.

At the end I had to remember all the things about Meleane To’a and Jackson Pollock. My second favourite was a girl name Vannesa. She is in the same class as Meleane To’a. Room 15. Her work was actually inspired by  Robert Delauney. He uses shapes and different colours. Jst like Kandinsky.

I think they worked hard to finish  artwork.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Robyn Kahukiwa Hine

During exstention, we have been learning about Hine. Actually her real name is Wahine. Our ICT teacher found this wonderful painting created by Robyn Kahukiwa. As the time she had shared out the awesome picture, we started to draw Hine. I already knew I will finish immediately. So I did. Finally Ms Tele'a had told us to make a very creative movie.

PEPA(Kapa Haka)

Watching the PEPA group was so amazing!!!! I really like the Kapa Haka group because they were loud without a microphone and they were brave. This is a picture that I drew. It is about the Kapa Haka item. The leader for the Kapa Haka item was a boy named Toko. He was very loud and  confident. At the same time there was two boys behind named Kade and Gabriel.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wassily Kandinsky Composition IV

Composition IV is mixed with swirling colours and soaring lines.

The painting is  divided strongly in a centre by  thick strong  black lines. If you look on the left side you will see violent motion. On the other side expressed calm sweeping forms all over.

In the middle of the painting, there are two cossacks holding a black sword and at the side of the cossack there is a third white bearded cossack leaning between a purple sword. They stand below a blue mountain and a castle above.

On the left hand side there is a rainbow and on top of the rainbow is shown a horseback battle. In the lower left there is a boat under the rainbow. At the lower right, there are two people lying on a hill, and above them are two priests watching on.

Trip to Youthtown

Have you ever been on a trip to Youth Town? I have. How exciting going to Youth Town.

Yesterday we had a trip with Room 16. The time Room 13 & Room 16 arrived in Town, we all hopped out and left the comfortable bus.

Walking inside the building, I smelt chlorine.
“Uh, Yuck”, I said to my mate.
“Totally”, he replied.
“What are we going to do first”?, I asked my teacher.
“Listen”, she replied.
Our teacher went out of the room.
She came back in saying,
“all Room 13 people are doing clay pots first.”

Bravely walking next door, I heard someone in room 16 shouting,
“we are going swimming!!!”,
I turned and looked. It was Neo. He is in room 16. I think they might have fun.

By the time we arrived in the clay room, we had to follow instructions that a lady named Georgia gave us. When she finished talking, we started our clay experience. It was a bit hard. At the end of making the pots, we washed our dirty hand and have morning tea back in the room.

After our morning tea was our play time. What did we do for our play time? We played slow basketball, mini soccer, table tennis, pool table, and also shoots in the hoop. The last game I played was mini soccer. Boys vs Girls. Guess what? Boys won!!!!!.

At the end, we had to leave sadly back to school. But it was a good day.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Setting on the fluffy tree tops, snow falling over the ground. Catching it on your tongue, the snow will be  really cold. Light snowflakes tumbled lightly down like a feather. BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!, very freezing.

Skidding and sliding on the roads covered in ice, people were urged to exercise caution when riding in the car. In the severe storm, people started to freeze and they didn’t even have power . The temperature there was -7*C.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abstract Painting

What have you been doing for art? Room 13 has been studying about abstract. We all painted an abstract art. I think during the time we were painting, I never listened carefully to the instructions. How didn’t I listened to the instructions? The way I did not listened, is how I was painting the same colour at each side. I never listened.

Did I really like my painting? My painting is not that good. You know why. What should I work next time on? Think more carefully before I start doing the colours. What did I do well? I did well on painting the black bold lines. What I did not enjoy? I did not enjoy everything.