Monday, July 30, 2012

Sosaia Marathon

Pheidippes is are sorger that ran 24 miles to tell his people they won the battle argenst the persians.He ran from Marathon to Athen to tell the great news.After saying niki wich means vitory, he cilapsed and died.

Coubertin revived the tradition  of Phideiddippides. The modern games at the olympic celebreats it.What a legend he ran 24 miles.

To this day the final event of the olympics is the marathon.`

Olympic Flame

The Olympic flame is lit in Olympia in Greece. It started by the sun. Then it keeps on burning until the Olympic games are concluded.

To this day, they do the same tradition. The torch is lit by a curved mirror which is always held by the lady's. The womens lights up the flame and passes it to runner to runner.

The lighting of the flame at the Olympic stadium event is one of the most important opening ceremony. It keeps alight until the Olympic games is concluded.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For maths, the squares has been learning about decimals. This movie is about decimals from smallest to largest.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About Taekwondo

Sports: Taekwondo

Is taekwondo a sport game?
Sort of. Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport. Not running, and boxing either. If you look at the picture, it looks like Karate. Taekwondo is like karate but even stronger.

How do you play Taekwondo?
People don't ever see them using punches or protecting their face with their hands. Let's say somebody started boxing in a Tae Kwon Do fight. What rules would he be breaking?. Boxing is only punching. Kick boxing is like punching and you can kick. Taekwondo is like the same rules with karate.

Do you know how long an field to play taekwondo?
One field for taekwondo is 8m x 8m.

Do you know how old is taekwondo?
The name of Taekwondo is aproximately 55 years old since it was first applied to the modern development of Korean Martial Art on April 11, 1955, but many of the components that make up what Taekwondo is, go back thousands of years into Korea's early native history.

Who is like the best taekwondo?
Andre LimaWatch this video about him.

This is my Taekwondo.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Go For Gold

Wow!!! I can't believe that It is finally the first day of term 2. Our school’s topic is Go For Gold. Our teacher says Keep Calm And Go For Gold. We are going to learn about olympics. What is olympics? Olympics is like sports. My favourite sport in the olympics is Long Jumps.