Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Film Festival Review

Tamaki College is the best school. They are all good at acting and even good with the cameras. One direction is good at singing so I think that is why they did that song. My favourite was Uili and Antonio.

I really loved their dancing because they were giving it their best shot. The big Tamaki Boys were really funny because how they act and lip sync. Paul was the person I liked out of Tamaki. He didn't just dance, he walked and dance.

After that 3 years later, I thought that there won’t be any one because they were already old. Nek Minute it was really funny. Five men dancing were really funny. I noticed something at the end. Every single person looks just the same but older.

The scores I’m going to give them is 10 stars out of 10. It was really exciting. One Direction is the BEST!!!


  1. hi sosaia i love you so much and your picture looks cool
    love form sifa

  2. Your review made me want to go and look at the video and I LOVED IT!! Thank you for your review!


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