Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Netbook Refleaction

This year I have really have enjoy having a Netbook to work on because …

Having a Net Book is so easier to type faster, and make my work neat. I like sharing documents and do some writing with my friends. My favourite thing about having a Net Book is how you share your story with the world.

I really don’t like my Internet, when it is so slow. The biggest problem is when I can not do my work and think about playing games. Playing is cool, but I can concentrate in my work. The other problem is when it has a red dot of line that means I have done an mistake, it always appears in my document.

When I am on my Net Book, I always go play games. Playing games is so fun, but I have to do my work. Sometimes when I do my work I play games and when I show my work to the teacher,
the teacher says it does not make sense.

If we had to stop our Net Book and go back to paper and pencils I will be a bit sad because Net Book is so much better than paper and pencils. When I write with paper and pencils my right hand hurts and left hand doesn't.

Outta This World


Venus, is the hottest planet that you could die in and melt. It is the number second closest to the sun, even though Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, Venus is still the hottest one.Venus is made out of volcanoes. All the volcanoes is hot, that is why Venus is hot. It is made out of red rocks.


We get a strong, long straw from earth, and put in to Venus, and tip in some cold fresh air.Venus is so hot, that is why I will get the largest straw and tip in cold fresh air. Nice and cold air.

The way to get more cold drinks is to by the largest balloon and blow it, then the air will go through the straw to Venus. Venus is so hot, that is why I will really want to do this.

The way to stop making Venus hot is to get the largest bottle of fanta and tip it in to Venus. The way to stop the volcanoes to stop exploding, is to dig the lava out and put in to Uranus and Neptune.

Favourite Solution

My best solution is to get the largest bottle of fanta and tip it into Venus, is because I will some times swim in it, and sometimes drink in it.The reason why I want to tip fanta in Venus, is because, if I just put in oxygen in to Venus I will still melt and die.