Monday, March 28, 2011

My Version of the Fun Theory

I went on the fun theory website and tried to discover how we can make the korero - Purua to Potae appealing, to make kids do it. Shalom and I said that we should do this kind of a cool idea about skateboards.
We used Hyperstudio to make the animation.


  1. Hi Sosaia and Shalom I enjoyed watching your animation about Purua to Potae. You two always have such good ideas and I like your animating skills, nice voice-over.

    From Ms Mackinlay and Poppy :)

  2. Kia ora Sosaia - WOW what a neat idea. We definitely need your skateboard ramp AND transporter in the 'Street' (senior area) maybe we'd win more bin it prizes if we did.
    You are a creative thinker and we need creative thinkers in this world to solve problems and create new ideas. Well done and you have inspired me to check out the "Fun Theory Website" (Miss King told me about it a long time ago and now I'm going to check it out - thanks to you) Well done Sosaia!
    Arohanui Ms T

  3. sounds like fun. we could do with the ramp and transporter in Doha.
    well done


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