Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shalom Leaving

RING!!! Went the bell. Walking outside the door, I remembered that Shalom was leaving. I was about to leave without saying GOOD BYE. So I decided to go back and say bye. He was leaving to Australia. At Sydney.

As I went back, I saw him walking. I ran and said "Bye". I was about to cry. I try not to. It will be embarrassed. So I started to walk with him to my sister and his brother.

Walking to our older sister and brother, he said if I want some hot dogs. I said that he should go with it to the plane. He said Nah. So he gave some to me. And Brandon.

Nervously walking out the gate. I felt real sad. "BYE SHALOM", I shouted. He turned around and wave. Walking and thinking, I thought that it will be a disaster. WE MISS YOU SHALOM!!!


  1. Awww Sosaia - we will really miss our friend Shalom. What a lovely post about saying goodbye. I didn't get a real chance to do that as I had that meeting with Mrs Burt. I hope that Shalom always remembers us - especially when he is rich and famous!

  2. Hi Sosaia,

    Thank you for that story you wrote about me. I really like it. and I will always remember you and room 13 and also Miss King in my heart. I really miss all of you.


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