Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Netbook Refleaction

This year I have really have enjoy having a Netbook to work on because …

Having a Net Book is so easier to type faster, and make my work neat. I like sharing documents and do some writing with my friends. My favourite thing about having a Net Book is how you share your story with the world.

I really don’t like my Internet, when it is so slow. The biggest problem is when I can not do my work and think about playing games. Playing is cool, but I can concentrate in my work. The other problem is when it has a red dot of line that means I have done an mistake, it always appears in my document.

When I am on my Net Book, I always go play games. Playing games is so fun, but I have to do my work. Sometimes when I do my work I play games and when I show my work to the teacher,
the teacher says it does not make sense.

If we had to stop our Net Book and go back to paper and pencils I will be a bit sad because Net Book is so much better than paper and pencils. When I write with paper and pencils my right hand hurts and left hand doesn't.

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  1. You've done well this year to learn to use your netbook responsibly and appropriately. Thanks for always completing your work and helping others to finish theirs. Great job Sosaia.


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