Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky was born on December sixteen 1866 in Moscow, Russia. His mother was a Homemaker, and his father was a tea merchant.

From  an early age, Wassily exhibited a special gift called synaethesia cognate. It gave him the ability to hear color and see sound.

Kandinsky studied  law and economics at the  university of Moscow in Russia before he was a professor. 3 years later at age 30, he moved to Munich, Germany where he truly started to study art. Initially, he was very interested in creating sketches of human bodies.

Once the First World War had started, in 1914, he moved from Germany to swithland and then back to home in Moscow.  In the time he arrived to Moscow, he created some impressionist art works and continued working with colors.

After the first world war, Kandinsky moved back to Germany and created some abstract paintings. Wassily Kandinsky painted some straight lines, curves, and all sort of shapes.

By 1933, the Nazis took over his art school. This forced him to move to France. In 1944 at France, Kandinsky died.

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  1. Sosaia - super work getting all your keywords down and re-writing these paragraphs. I like the way that you have put some of your own thoughts into this too. Remember to read your paragraphs out loud to check your English for mistakes.
    Love your picture too.
    Miss King


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