Friday, June 15, 2012

Trip to Youthtown

Have you ever been on a trip to Youth Town? I have. How exciting going to Youth Town.

Yesterday we had a trip with Room 16. The time Room 13 & Room 16 arrived in Town, we all hopped out and left the comfortable bus.

Walking inside the building, I smelt chlorine.
“Uh, Yuck”, I said to my mate.
“Totally”, he replied.
“What are we going to do first”?, I asked my teacher.
“Listen”, she replied.
Our teacher went out of the room.
She came back in saying,
“all Room 13 people are doing clay pots first.”

Bravely walking next door, I heard someone in room 16 shouting,
“we are going swimming!!!”,
I turned and looked. It was Neo. He is in room 16. I think they might have fun.

By the time we arrived in the clay room, we had to follow instructions that a lady named Georgia gave us. When she finished talking, we started our clay experience. It was a bit hard. At the end of making the pots, we washed our dirty hand and have morning tea back in the room.

After our morning tea was our play time. What did we do for our play time? We played slow basketball, mini soccer, table tennis, pool table, and also shoots in the hoop. The last game I played was mini soccer. Boys vs Girls. Guess what? Boys won!!!!!.

At the end, we had to leave sadly back to school. But it was a good day.

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