Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trip To Tonga

Having a trip to Tonga was so fun and cool. Waking up my little sister early in the morning my little brother cried so loudly that he even woke up my mum. Riding on my unties car to the airport I was so freezing to death.

Sitting inside the plane, I stared and look out the window to the airport. “We are almost leaving” th driver called out. BOOF!!! the plane ran so fast and fast. Looking out to the beach for three hours, I saw Tonga.

Landing onto Tonga was so excited. Walking out of the door, I heard some body call my name. “Sosaia” I knew somebody was waiting for my family to see them. When we reached out the door to see my uncle, I first saw my auntie.

Getting ready to go to the beach on my first day at Tonga, I had to go to my step mum. “Can I go to the beach today” I said, she looked at me and said”yes”. We arrived to the beach, I was ready to get my togs on.

I ran so fast, wee, I jumped into the beach. Having a good time at the beach, I was a bit cold. It was so strange, it was so sunny that time. I ran and changed, off I went to home.


  1. I would love to hear lots more about your trip to Tonga. What other things did you get up to? Have you got any photos?
    Remember to check that your story makes sense and that you have included all the detail that your audience needs.

  2. Hi Sosaia! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I am doing a blog post on comments for kids around the world. I was lucky enough to be assigned to your blog this week!
    Your trip to Tonga sounds like it was fun. I have never been on an airplane before. Was it scary? I looked up Tonga on a map to find out where it was because I have never heard of it. Traveling to see family is always a fun thing to do. Did you go on this trip for Christmas?
    It was nice visiting your blog. You are doing a better job at blogging than I am! You can view my summary of this on my blog at It will be posted by March 4th. Enjoy blogging and good luck in school!!

  3. Hi Sosaia. I am a student at the University of South Alabama just like Carly Willoughby. After reading about your trip to Tonga, I decided I would like to go as well until I found it it was 10,920 kilometers from where I live. That means it would take me about nine hours to get there. That is a long time on a plane. Like Carly, I will be writing a summary of your post on my blog Terri Wagner by March 4. And Sosaia, my favorite subject is reading.


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