Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Playing Basketball

Walking down to the caught, I was really excited to play basketball. Do you like basketball? I do. Bouncing the up and down, I realized that I wasn't going fast enough.

"When are we going to do our shooting in the hoop", I asked our coach. Our coaches name was Tai and another person. I didn't know his name. So I called him Mat.

Finally we were up to our shooting. Running and bouncing the ball, it was time to shoot. Yay. I got it in. At the end of our warm up, we had a FUN game. I was number one. We had to run and get the ball, and start to bounce and shoot. I had to in. BUT... Sadly we lost. Poor our team. It was still fun.

Running back to our classroom, it was time for our lunch. I wonder what sport we are doing next term?

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  1. Hi Sosaia!

    My name is Danielle Gideon and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I am in college to become a school teacher and I am just learning to blog. I really enjoyed reading your post about basketball. I enjoyed playing basketball when I was in school many years ago.

    In the United States it is currently football season. In the state of Alabama football is a very popular sport. I really liked how even though your team lost you still had fun playing basketball. My football team the Auburn University Tigers are not doing well this season, but I still enjoy watching their games. Great blog Sosaia!


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