Friday, February 18, 2011

Baseball Day

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Baseball day
Yesterday room13 had baseball with a man name Cola, first Cola told us the instruction of how to play baseball,the best one is when you finish hitting the ball with the bat do not just
throw it and run,I learned that you have to run after you hit the ball with the bat .
When it was my turn to hit the ball I was to shy because I thought I was gonna hit it low.
I like how we catch the ball because I like playing rugby with other people that I don ‘t know.


  1. Hello Sosaia,
    My name is Kevin White. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the United States. As part of our educational technology class (EDM310) we were assigned a student's blog to read and post on. I was assigned to you.

    I see that you are learning baseball; in the United States, baseball is the most popular game for children to play. We don't have a lot of rugby in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States, but we do love (American) football.

    I believe and hope that learning to blog will help you in your future (it certainly won't hurt). I have only had a blog for a couple of months now, and I'm twenty-six. Just think about how great with technology you will be when you reach my age. I hope your school career goes well, and I hope you achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

    If you'd like, you can view my blog

  2. Hey Sosaia! My name is Mary Ashley York. I am also a student at the University of South Alabama. I've commented on one of your posts earlier in the week. That is so awesome that you got to learn about baseball! Baseball is very popular here in the United States. My favorite sport is soccer. What about you? I hope that the rest of the school year goes well for you! You can view my blog at if you'd like!


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