Friday, June 15, 2012

Wassily Kandinsky Composition IV

Composition IV is mixed with swirling colours and soaring lines.

The painting is  divided strongly in a centre by  thick strong  black lines. If you look on the left side you will see violent motion. On the other side expressed calm sweeping forms all over.

In the middle of the painting, there are two cossacks holding a black sword and at the side of the cossack there is a third white bearded cossack leaning between a purple sword. They stand below a blue mountain and a castle above.

On the left hand side there is a rainbow and on top of the rainbow is shown a horseback battle. In the lower left there is a boat under the rainbow. At the lower right, there are two people lying on a hill, and above them are two priests watching on.

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  1. This is an outstanding piece of thinking and writing! Well done!


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