Monday, August 29, 2011


Room thirteen did badminton every Thursday, if you don ‘t know about Badminton I will tell you guys. Whizzing and whirring the shuttle soar spiraling accurately to the target. Donna the Auckland sport badminton teacher taught us how to serve the shuttle. “You guys must be careful for your racket or else you swing and then it hits somebody”, “yes” we answered. We learned the trick shot, it was a bit hard for me and my partner Vaifoa. He made a powerful hit to me and then I WHACKED !!! the shuttle with my racket to him and he got frustrating. “Stop” Donna shouted to us. The next step we did was forehand, it was a little bit hard for me.Back and forth I use great to acrruately hit the shuttle eye coordination. “Stop” she said again to us. And finally we get to play badminton soccer. That game is like tennis, but I thought it was like Hockey and it wasn't. When it was my turn I went straight out because I did not concentrate and keep my eye on the shuttle. Our highest score was Uili because he almost stayed on the game the whole time. When I hit it, it had a pinging sound. Badminton is a very fun sport to play because it is so easy. That was our day with Donna that day.

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