Friday, April 27, 2012

Sosaia Art Alive

YAAAYYY!!!!. School has began. Art Alive. That is our topic. I think we are going to do art all term . Our hands is going to be tired. Just in term 2.

It is the first day of term 2. “What are we making?”, I asked politely. My friend replied. “We need to listen”. “OK”, I answered. Finally our teacher has spoken. It was all about the experiences. We need some crayons, cardboard, canvas, hot glue, stencils and paint. Canvas is sort of like paper.

Thinking very hard, the time had began. The whole class started.
We all started to glue. Not with normal glue, hot glue gun it is. During the time we were gluing crayons onto the cardboard, we were told to take photos and videos all day long`. It was for a movie. During my mate was gluing, I told Hiwarau to go and paint the stencils. Off he went. When we finished our gluing, the stencil was finished being painted.

It is Melting  crayons time. I think it will work. There, the canvas was i on the wall sicked together with the cardboard of crayons. BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR. That went the hair blower. It started to drip.

As it  end, it was so colourful and had a Very BUMPY texture. In the last minute, we finally took a photo with our group together and the Artwork. It was so fun. We had finished.

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