Friday, August 10, 2012


Wow!!!! Panasonic is really cool. Did you know that one person from Panasonic came to our school - Point England school.  The reason why Paul from Panasonic came to our school is because we made a storyboard for a competition and we were in the top 20. Now we have to make the storyboard into a movie.

Well, I was one of the people that made the storyboard. It took a long time to create only a storyboard. But I did not do that much work. However, together  we worked hard to win the camera and now make the movie.

On behalf of room 13 I want to say thank you for coming to our school assembly. Thank you for the camera and the microphone. Panasonic is so AMAZING!!!! Thank you very much Panasonic!!!!!!

This is a link to see the Panasonic blog.

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