Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Point England Resort

As I arrived at the Pt England Resort I felt that I want to live their until I die, as I walked out of our car I was so excited that I wanted to go in already, at the top it says welcome to the Point England Resort. The first thing I did was to go surfing while my friends and family were watching all of the cool movies. Going on a submarine was next. The submarine was very huge for hundreds of people, in the submarine their is a room that has pool table and on the pool table there is made of glass with sharks inside.
I started to get hungry and as it was dinner time I went to the food machine. Yum yum I ate fish & chips, which is exactly what I wanted.
Finally it was party time “Yay”, we invited heaps and heaps of people. As I was playing and dancing, like krumping ,I just remembered that it was nearly the end of the week. The holiday had come to an end I packed up my stuff and sadly went back to our car.

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