Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Larsen!

Lots of thanks to Larsen Tito-Taylor for bombing our tables.
We voted for the colors, the colors that were the favourite were purple & yellow.The words that he wrote on the tables were learn, create and share.
Larsen Tito is a DJ too he is called Ghosrok.
How we decided which words to use was our class voted for the words on a Google form, the words that we liked the most were Learn, Create, and share .How we voted for the colors was putting up our hands to see which was the most popular, so we chose purple and yellow.

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1 comment:

  1. Kia ora Sosaia, I'm glad you all love your new tables. My senior students thought they were pretty cool too. They actually thought that they were for them and the street. I had to break the sad news to them and say, "Sorry guys, these are for the Room 13 Kings." "Naaaaaaw," they replied.
    Larsen and his friends enjoyed creating them and were happy to come in to work with his music blasting in the street. One thing I know he would like though is to correct his name in your post which is Larsen Tito-Taylor :) Thanks for linking your post to his soundcloud too. He'll love that.
    Ms T


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