Monday, September 10, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Meeting in the hall, I saw a man. Who’s him. I don't know him. Finally it was the mans time to do whatever he want’s to do. “Kiora”, My name is Tommy Kapai Wilson”, He said bravely.

On the projector was a photo of him. Wow. I think he’s FAMOUS. Wait a minute. There is a book we have been talking about. It is called Kapai The Kiwi. Maybe he is the author for that book.Am I dreaming. This is AMAZING. I can’t believe that a famous author has come to our school.

“Putta Boom Boom”, he said. we started laughing. Hahahahahaha. He taught us 5 lessons. The first thing he said to make 10 people smile everyday. I turned around to my mate. Smile. He smiled. “Yay, I did one person smile. He said if someone does something bad, try to forgive them.

What is going to be the next lesson. “Wars and violence is dumb”. I thought he was right. Wars are dumb. Everybody is born with a gift. Thinking in my head, I was thinking what was the gift. And finally he said. SMILE.

Rich people has everything, but in life they have nothing. I thought about that. At the end of his talk, he read one of his favourite books he made. It was about a true story. There was a lady who met princess diana before she died.

Tommy went and interview her. When Tommy finished. He thought he would write a story about her. So he did. He started to write and think. He read the whole book to us. He even Gave some of his books to us.

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