Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Am Making Movies 3

"What the heck". What is Making Movies 3 means. Oh, I know. We have to make movies. Not any movies. It can be scary, funny, and sorts of stuff. Our group, group 2, are making are scary one. It has Loch Ness Monster. There wasn't a real monster. We had to draw it. Underneath is our scripts and our ideas. I am Drake. Hope you like it. :)

(Kiara and Abby drag Natalya to the beach)
Abby: Come ON!! Being at the beach is way better than practising your violin.

Kiara: YEA! Wait I know... you can practise here while we play and explore!

Natalya: Fine. But if I get in trouble from my parents, IT’S ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

Abby: Fine...... Come on Kiara. Let’s go play.

Kiara: YAY!! PLAY TIME!!

(Kiara and Abby walks off into the distance)

Natalya: (Shouting) Ok!! Just leave me here.... TO PRACTICE. ALONE! BY MYSELF.

Abby and Kiara: (Shouting back while running) Ok!

Kiara: Hehe! She looks like she’s having fun!

Abby: Hey look!

Kiara: A cave!
(Kiara and Abby go into the cave, Natalya sees them go in)

Natalya: Really? Where are they going now? IT’S LIKE I’M INVISIBLE!

(Natalya walking to the cave)

Abby: Natalya's coming! Let’s hide.
(Abby and Kiara step back from the entrance when they bump into Drake)

Drake: AHHH!! Get off me! Get off me! You’ll never eat me!!
(Drake jumps up, the girls scream)

Kiara: Wait. I don’t eat people.

Abby: Oh naah! I don’t know what’s wrong with that chick.


Natalya: What’s coming? (As she enters the cave)

Abby: Hey!!! came.

Kiara: Natalya, are you practicing in here?

Natalya: Nevermind about that, who’s this?

Abby: Some crazy dude.

Drake: I’m not crazy!! came for me! I’ve been hiding here from it!

Kiara: What have you been hiding from?

Drake: The lochness monster!

Abby: Told you he was crazy.

(Abby and Natalya groan)

Abby: There is none you-

Natalya: This is just rubbish. Let’s go now.
(Starts walking out and Natalya sits down and practises her violin and sees a tail pop out of the water then she stops all of a sudden and runs back into the cave.)

Abby: I thought we were going??

Kiara: Yea!


Natalya: Um... maybe we should stay here and...(um) look after this crazy man.

Kiara: But I thought you said.........
(In the background Drake or the crazy man is yelling don’t eat me!)

Natalya: Nope, I changed my mind. Let’s stay here for a bit.

Abby: If you say so?! Well, what should we do?
(The girls are all thinking)

Kiara: Maybe the crazy man can tell us a story! I mean he is old and he looks like he has a story to tell?

Abby: Nice thinking! (High fives each other)

Natalya: Well? Do you have a story?

Drake: Ever since the lochness monster I can’t remember anything except for the lochness monster story!

Natalya: Then tell us that story!

Drake: It was a long time ago. There were 3 girls on the beach like you guys.

Kiara: Oooo.... interesting....

Drake: Back to the story... These girls were very curious and and they loved exploring. One of these girls also played the violin like you (pointing to Natalya). One day the girls came down to the beach and one girl had the violin with her.

Natalya: This sounds alot like us!

Drake: But it’s not you... Anyway, the girls were dancing around and the girl with the violin started to play. Soon a huge monster came out of the water and......

Natalya, Kiara and Abby: AND...

Drake: Nothing..... that’s pretty much all I remember.

Natalya:That story was very interesting. And those girls sounded very much like us. But I don’t get how the monster came out of the water, what was summoning him?

Kiara: Maybe the girl playing the violin summoned the monster?

Natalya: That’s right! When I went outside, I started to play my violin and a saw a tail pop out of the water.

Abby: So that’s why you came back in so worried.

Natalya: Violin playing attracts the lochness monster!

Kiara: Cool!

Abby: Well, what should we do now?

Kiara: Maybe Natalya can get the monster in here and-

Drake: I’ll attack it by surprise.... Just a thought, don’t have to listen to me.

Abby: That’s a good idea! Are you up for it Natalya?

Natalya: Um.... (thinking)..... Sure, lets give it a go!
(Natalya goes outside and starts playing the violin and then the lochness appears, animation)

Scene 4

Natalya: (Stops playing and looking up at the monster) Oh my gosh! It worked! Hey guys, come look! (Walking into the cave to get Kiara and them) Hey Drake, you need to come see this!

Drake: No! I can’t. I don’t want to still remember all the stuff that he did to me in the past. GET THAT THING AWAY!!!

Natalya: Ok, but aren’t you going to kill it?

Josh: (Walks into the cave) I’ll kill it!

Natalya: Um... Who are you?

Josh: I’m a distant relative. Believe me, I CAN KILL THIS THING. Come on Drake. (Says dramatically) Let’s kill this thing. NOW!

Drake: NOW!

Josh: NOW!

Drake: NOW!

Josh: NOW!

Abby: Today would be fine ladies.

Kiara: Oh that’s enough! Let’s die this thing!

Natalya: And for a minute I thought you were smart Ara. Let’s slay this mother!

( Abby, Kiara and Natalya run up to the monster and look up at nothing because it’s green screen. When they kill it, it’s all going to be in animation)

Josh: Wow ladies. That was pretty impressive. Wanna go....

Kiara, Abby and Natalya: (Walking out of cave) NO!


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