Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ninja Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a mouse named Frank. Frank was a real mini ninja. His mission was to recover the lost cheese of LeRat. He was working for his poor dad Paula. They had no money or food, so Frank decided to be a HERO.

The next day, he looked up on the internet as to where to find LeRat. LeRat was the place where the cheese was. It said that it was near Bishop’s shed. Bishop was a little bad superhero. “Ohhhh”, said Frank. Frank the ninga already met with Bishop. But Bishop ran away.

The next morning, Frank heard Bishop’s voice. HAHAHAHA. He looked outside. Bishop was ran holding Frank’s girlfriend. Running down the stairs, Frank rushed outside. The enemy Bishop hopped in his Ferrari and went off. Frank sat in his Bugatti and boosted of to the red Ferrari.

They both arrived in Bishop’s shed. Frank never knew where he was. He started sneaking through the living room. BOOM. Something went down. It was a cage. It snapped a little bit of his hair. “Hahahaha, who do I have here”, a deep voice said. I sounds like Bishop. “Whos here” Frank said. There was no reply.

Frank forgot he had a mini gun. He took it out of his bag and shot the cave. There was a hole at the cave. Finally he was out. He started to sniff through the way. He ended up in the toilet. There was the cheese.

He arrived in. He stopped outside the door. Frank grabbed a hammer from his pocket and threw it on the toilet. Nothing happened. He took one step inside. His arm came out of his pocket, and grabbed the cheese and runned away.

He was nearly home. He noticed he forgot his bugatti. When Frank arrived home his family hugged him with their love. That night they told stories and live happy till they were old. Real Old.

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