Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Hooray! It is finally Immersion Assembly a new topic.It is my favourite school assembly.

I was sitting in our school hall on the floor listening to Mr Burt talk. Mr Burt introducing the topic, I was excited to hear it. The topic was Outta This World.

Teachers dressing into ballerina I thought they had a movie for us to wacth. Team One’s dress was so cool.My best dress was Team Four.

My best item was team five. Team Five’s item was a star wars movie. Their was sort of like the real one but with their own faces.

I think this might a little bit like last year.Last years one was Mighty Manners.Mighty Manners is about the planet we are living at so far.

I’m so exited to write and learn more things about planets just like an astronauts teacher.I just want to stay in this topic because it is great.My best term.

I hope to learn who was the first one to stand on it.
The thing I really want to learn about Jupiter.My last planet the sun.

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