Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson

Walking towards the bus I sat down with my friend Iisa. Br mm brmm the bus went along, "Yay", we had finally arrived. Pt England senior school lined up in front of the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre

Taking a step out from the bus, we all walked in line. Finally we arrived into the building. Lights, chairs, hard floor, warm seats, we were all fine. As we walked in I gazed at their flash looking pictures on the big humongous walls. It was like at Eden Park. Waiting for our seats I stared at the picture of Jonah Lomu. " Go Jonah Lomu".

Talking and chatting so loudly we never stopped until we heard the Duffy Song. “Kiaora” introduces Henry. We all sat on our seats. Listening to one of his stories, we all giggled. As he finished his story he welcomed the man that had separated the twins “Ben Carson!!!!!!”

“YAY” we all yelled as Henry walked down and Carson comes up. As you know Ben Carson is an doctor that first separated neuro con-joined twins. When he was in year 5, his class mates teased him and said that he is the dumbest. You know as he grew up he decided to turn his life around. He became brainy by reading books and writing about what he had leanrt.

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