Monday, March 26, 2012

Mobius Strip

Staring at this little magic film on Mobius Strip, our teacher asked if we should try making it all together. “I can not make that”!!!!!!, I shouted. “Try, my friend” replied Miss King. As we all started thinking, the time had suddenly passed. Getting ready to make it, we first grabbed an paper to start with. This experiment is going to be complicated.

Carefully as I reached for the paper, I twisted one half. TTTTSSS, I grabbed the tape off the table. Walking to the mat, I nervously tapped the ends together. As I held a crayon in one hand I started to draw lines on one side of the paper, as I suddenly finished, I found the drawing on both sides. Magic is what we needed.

At the end we started cutting through the paper. I nearly reached the end. “WWWOOOWWW, look we have made it” I happily told my friends. Taking photos, we all smiled and sat back down. It was not that tricky after all.

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