Monday, March 19, 2012


Camp is on!!! Isn't it going to be fun. Have you ever had an lovely camp at school. I have. Waiting with excitement I heard that I am in the team called All Stars. The best team ever, and with the best leaders.

"Yay we are going table tennis and roller bl-adding. Playing on the table tennis, I nervously hit the ball. Bang, it went into my partner stomach. “Ms Vaafusuanga” I shouted. “Can I Rollerblade”, “yes” she replied. SSSSHHHOOOOKKK, I clicked the roller blade in to my feet. Skating around in the Breeze, I suddenly raced out side. It was all fun.

Have you ever been in Swimmarama pool. Its so fun. Riding on the bus we had finally arrived. YYAAYY. As we reached we all sat down and have a talk. I was the last minute for the talk. Ding. Times up.“Go and have some fun” our boss Ms Garden shouted. Running into the pool we jumped. WHOOSH, the water came out. Splash, the pool makes me freeze. “Lets play tigy”, “yes”, my friends answered. Swimming to the deep side I never knew is is so deep like that. “All the All Stars come to get ready for the Hydroslide. “YYAAYY”, we all ran and line up. Walking up the steps, I found another school having fun. Sliding down to the bottom, I screamed so loudly because it was very dark. Out I get.

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  1. Sosaia, this is a stunning post! What an amazing job you have done of sharing your learning in a creative way. I particularly enjoyed your expressive reading, your writing style AND your animation.

    I can see you are going from strength to strength. I am looking forward to what comes next.

    Mrs Burt


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