Friday, June 29, 2012

What Our Classroom Looks Like

Is your classroom messy? Our one is. I hate it when it is a real disaster. It drives me NUT!!!.

Well, do you know why it is messy? It is messy because all room 13 people ripped off the beautiful stuff that was on the walls, revealing ugly STUFF.

What colour is it you are asking? The colour for our class is dark brown. Dark brown. Yes. It is dark brown. Before we started ripping stuff off the wall it was nice. Nek minute. Ugly.

If this classroom stays like this, I will think that no one would like to see our class ever again. Especially visitors. They will feel sad when they step into the door.

Well it will be better during the holidays. The reason why it is going to be better is that some builders are coming to stick stuff onto the walls that really looks pretty. After  the holidays are past our classroom will just look fine and gorgeous again.

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