Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art From Meleane To'a

Walking around the art gallery, I found a beautiful abstract painting. I wondered who created it. Finally I knew, it was created by Meleane To’a. It was really cool and detailed.  I started to look around to see who did she copy.

It never said who did she copy. But our teacher told us. Who did Meleane copied? If you are thinking that it was Kandinsky, you a wrong. If you think it is Jackson Pollock. You are right. Jackson Pollock had just grabbed his paint and splashed it over the paper.

At the end I had to remember all the things about Meleane To’a and Jackson Pollock. My second favourite was a girl name Vannesa. She is in the same class as Meleane To’a. Room 15. Her work was actually inspired by  Robert Delauney. He uses shapes and different colours. Jst like Kandinsky.

I think they worked hard to finish  artwork.

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